The Lost Tribe: Starkmanir Creating New Cultural Identity

New Eden News | YC111-09-13

Pator - The Republic's Tribal Heritage Museum opens a new exhibit this week, featuring the work of Starkmanir artist Jaed Erhan. Once an artist-in-residence for a high-ranking Holder in the Mandate, Erhan is now committed to, in his own words, "showing the value in Starkmanir culture."

"Our enslavement by the Amarr, and the destruction of our tribe's identity, have left the Starkmanir adrift in the ether," said Erhan at the exhibit's opening. "Now is a time not only for the rediscovery of our heritage, but for the creation of our own identity free from our history. We've inherited a washed-out canvas, and instead of spending all our time trying to see what was once there, we should remember the value in creating something truly original."

Erhan is but one of the many voices within the Starkmanir tribe calling for her brethren to forge new tribal traditions in the wake of the Elder War, a movement which has been gaining momentum among the refugee population. This is causing a great deal of tension with more traditional tribes, such as the Brutor and Vherokior, who have been pushing for the Starkmanir to rediscover the heritage they lost several centuries ago when their tribe was thought to be wiped out by Idonis Ardishapur. So far, the conflict has been muted and respectful, but there are some who worry that it could leave the realm of academic debate.

"Personally," said Erhan, when asked about the conflict, "I believe our sister tribes are doing what they think is best, but they need to take a step back and look at what they are doing. If we let others dictate who were are now, it is no different from what the Amarr did all those years ago. If we are to truly be free, we must be allowed to create our own sense of self and purpose, for the Starkmanir here in the Republic as well as those still in the Mandate."