Text of Empire Address Delivered by Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth; Accused Council Members Executed

New Eden News | YC110-04-01

Amarr - The Imperial Chancellor released the official transcript of the empire address implicating several Theology Council members in an assassination plot against Chamberlain Karsoth, in which he states that justices Grange, Eliade and Gord were all executed. Imperial Navy representatives confirmed that clones of the capsuleers were destroyed, and that their ships were "neutralized" beyond empire borders. The Imperial Chancellor's office released the full transcript of Chamberlain Karsoth's address, which was described by those in attendance as "his most impassioned and authoritative to date".

The following is the text released from the Chancellor.


Believers of the Church, Paladins of the Righteous, oh humble among those who seek the divine, welcome!

We are convened here today to discuss a matter of sinister consequence. A scourge has descended upon our realm; a blight which has threatened the core of our faith and the house I have sworn to protect.

I have prayed for strength; strength to bear the burden of being the sole protectorate of this throne; for never has the Demon had so great a temptation as the void which is before us now; the void that has remained since the holy ordained was taken from us.

To covet is evil; and mark my words, there are those who covet this throne. The Demon whispers to them, testing their faith night and day, tempting them with visions of power and worldly promises of lust and greed. Take the throne, he says. No need for Succession Trials. No need for Scriptures, for the rule of God, or the laws which He hath appointed.

It seems that we who preach these words, we who are charged with spreading the precious message of the Scriptures, are not immune to the Demon's ploy. It is with sadness and anger that I bring to you the news that some of us have failed the Test of Faith. Those who have been damned-those who are guilty of the most heinous crimes imaginable-they are none other than the corrupt souls of the Theology Council.

Blessed Amarrians, it is no secret that since the death of our beloved Emperor, there are those who have conspired to desecrate our Faith and defy the law of these Scriptures. These so-called Reformist heathens, motivated by political ambition, insult the sanctity of this church! They have renounced the Succession Trials; they dare to suggest that the Emperor's throne can be filled by the will of man, and not by holy edict!

I am a servant of the Lord! And I will not fail my test of faith! I am devoted to the law of Scripture, and no man has any right to disclaim it. If God wills a change to His law, then His word will be spoken through the next ordained Emperor of Amarr-no one else!

A short time ago, Paladins of the Ministry of Internal Order thwarted a plot to take my life. Yes, those demonic patrons saw me as an obstacle to their elaborate plans to install another heir-one held under the spell of their intent, an obedient dog who would forever be in their debt for placing him in power.

But no! I stood before them with the Scriptures in my hands, with my faith in my heart, and I sent them back to hell! God revealed this plot on my life, and granteth me the sword to smite them in His name!

Dearest servants of the Lord, we have lost one Emperor too many to the hands of murderers. As Chamberlain, I am compelled to send the message of God's wrath to all those who believe the Demon's false promises; that we will no longer afford would-be assassins the privilege of a fair trial; that if they are so careless with the precious life they have been given; that if they elect to commit such acts of deviance in the name of favor from idols; then we, as True Believers, will act as God's sword and pursue these hell minions with inspired resolve.

Humblest believers, it is thus that I inform you that the Holder Falek Grange, his loyal brigand Holder Aulus Gord, and the members of his private court on the Theology Council have each been hunted down and destroyed. We are rid of the blight they brought to that Council, whose good name was marred by the evil acts of these men; who abused their cherished privilege as capsuleers to plot, to conspire, and to betray all that we hold sacred. Their deaths, and subsequent excommunication from this Church, saved not only my life, but those of the fellow Council members who opposed their Reformist ways.

Falek Grange was a traitor! A conspirator! And his memory will be one of deceit and mistrust. May his death, curse his soul, serve warning to those who hear the Demon's whisper. To act on his words is to be damned for all of time!

I am steadfast in my faith; it will be stronger tomorrow and every day thereafter until my journey to the gates of heaven. Amarr will have a Succession Trial; this is my solemn mission for all of you. No man shall stand before this altar and defy the laws that have held us for millennia; the very laws which God Himself bestowed upon us.

When the heirs are ready, when they make their peace with God and accept His divine plan, then we shall proceed with the laws of Succession. Until then, I will protect the sanctity of this throne with all of my might.

May his light guide us all in faith and reclaim, amen.

-- As spoken by Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth, St. Kuria the Prophet Cathedral, 110 EST