Terraforming Crew Left Out in the Cold

New Eden News | YC111-09-04

Ostingele - Since the Caldari decision to auction off areas of occupied Gallente space, a number of development projects have been put on hold or halted all together. One of these is the SalderTech terraforming facility on Ostingele III. The facility, which was involved in mass atmospheric carbon-capture operations, has been idling since shortly after the Caldari took control of the system. The process is an intensive one in terms of both chemical and energy use, and a lack of necessary supplies has shut down all progress.

Though areas of Ostingele III are marginally habitable, conditions on the planet are not pleasant, and with further terraforming work halted they are unlikely to improve. Complicating matters, there have been several violent incidents between the Caldari Navy forces garrisoning the system and Gallentean or neutral industrial ships transiting the area. As a result, it has been increasingly difficult for SalderTech to procure reasonably priced transports willing to risk bringing supplies to the beleagured facility.

Workers involved in the terraforming operations, as well as construction crews brought in to expand the facility, have been waiting for a ride off the planet for several weeks now, trapped by the same lack of transportation. "The atmosphere is still marginal and we are living off stockpiled supplies and jury-rigged hydroponics," said Gavin Queller, a facility operations foreman. "I mean, we're not in dire straits yet, but I'd rather be home in Dodixie with my family," he added.

When interviewed about her company's position on restarting operations in Ostingele, SalderTech spokeswoman Fia Ledoux said, "Transport problems aside, we'll be damned if we're going to spend all that money and effort terraforming a planet for the Caldari." Ms. Ledoux stated that the company's highest priority was to evacuate the remaining personnel from the facility as soon as practicable.