Tensions Boil Over in Gallente Senate Session

New Eden News | YC111-08-13

Villore - The normally orderly conduct of the Gallente Federation's legislative body devolved into chaos today. With lapses in decorum ranging from shouting to name-calling to at least two cases of attempted physical violence, the situation was described by some observers as "no better than a schoolyard brawl."

At issue was a bill proposed by Senators Miles Wu and Suvio Bellaron. The bill's single provision was to clarify the separation of legislative and executive powers by stipulating that no serving official could occupy positions in both branches of government simultaneously. This was viewed by many as a direct attack on Senator Mentas Blaque, who currently serves as both the Head of the Senate and the head of the Federal Intelligence Office's Special Department of Internal Investigations.

For weeks there have been increasing accusations of abuse of power by Senator Blaque. President Foiritan, who named Blaque to the FIO position, has been quietly supportive of Blaque throughout the controversy, but recent evidence suggests this may have drawn his own judgement into question as a result. Increasing public pressure has led Foiritan to become more circumspect, and many wonder if the President will be forced to call for Blaque's resignation from the FIO post in order to mollify his own critics.

Exercising his responsibility as Head of the Senate, Senator Blaque closed the session early when it became clear that all sense of order had been lost, though this decision was viewed by his detractors as further evidence of his growing heavy-handedness. The body is slated to resume deliberation on the bill tomorrow.