Tempers rise as Khumaak controversy escalates further

New Eden News | YC106-02-24

In the six days since the Sebiestor tribe first put forth their motion to place a ban on the ceremonial Khumaak the Minmatar Republic has been split on the issue, with the schism between the two camps widening every day. According to a source inside the Republic’s Tribal Council, a council meeting yesterday saw harsh exchanges between Tenerhaddi Dykon, the Krusual tribe leader, and Karin Midular, leader of the Sebiestor Tribe.

According to the source Midular has been quoted as raising her voice at Dykon, calling him a “worthless savage” in response to his claim that the Sebiestor tribe’s “effeminate attempts at leadership” marked the beginning of the end for the proud Republic.

Analysts agree that while the rhetoric itself could, under normal circumstances, easily be classified as political hate speech, the deep resonance the Khumaak issue carries for the Minmatar has escalated the proceedings into a stand-off of sorts between the two tribes, with both sides adamantly refusing to back down.

The Republic Security Services were reported two days ago to have changed the security category of official tribal gathering halls. When asked whether the possibility of violence within the tribes played a role in the change, Skiks Alfotada, Commander of Security for the RSS, stated: “We are not here to consider the possibility of violence. We are here to prevent it.”

The situation has prompted wide-spread criticism of the Minmatar government’s ability to get things done. “We must make adjustments to our system,” said Malaetu Shakor, head of Republic Parliament, addressing reporters yesterday. “The past week has served to do nothing but highlight the monumental inefficiency of this formalized bickering. Parliament needs to have supreme executive authority when irreconcilable internal differences arise within the tribes. As things stand now, there’s no telling what will come of the situation.”