Tash-Murkon Holder to move to Ammatar Mandate

New Eden News | YC111-07-28

Mani - Holder Urist Satri surprised many today by announcing he would be permanently leaving his family's ancestral holdings and moving to the Ammatar Mandate.

"I cannot live in a place where I am surrounded by those who so offend my sensibilities," Lord Satri said. "It has become apparent to me that my neighbors are not interested in the moral prosperity of the Empire. They are interested only in making things easier and more convenient for themselves. It is a sad state of affairs. I have long tried to stand against it, but those who supported me have been swept away and I can no longer stand alone against the tide."

Lord Satri stated he had already sold off most of his property and purchased new estates in the Ammatar Mandate. "I can see what is happening in the Ardishapur Mandate and know I will find myself far more at ease there. Perhaps this is all for the best."

Lord Hatar, the neighbor who sparked the recent incidents, gave a brief statement. "Perhaps Lord Satri will find life more palatable in a place where he can surround himself with those who agree with his views. I wish his family well."

It is not known if Lord Satri's noble title, granted to his family by the Tash-Murkon Family slightly over 300 years prior, will be affirmed by the Ardishapur Family. However, at least one new neighbor, Lord Ulan, only considered one option. "Of course he is still a Holder," Lord Ulan said. "His family rightly earned the title and Lord Satri has proven he is worthy of it. I shall treat him with the due dignity and respect a fellow Holder should be granted."