Takamatsu Trading Exchange announces a contest of creativity.

New Eden News | YC107-04-05

The Takamatsu Trading Exchange which has had more than its fair share of negative publicity in recent months, has decided to fling open the creative gates and is holding a competition for all of the budding filmmakers in EVE to create their next promotional reel.

Aspiring commercial artists have been given a free reign on how they execute the video, but Takamatsu spokespeople said the entry should be "short, exciting and go with the theme; ‘You can always trust a Takamatsu".

Advertising officials, commenting at the announcement of the competition said that the Takamatsu Trading Exchange is a company which listens to and helps the people of EVE, from the newborn infant right up to the CEO himself, and that this competition would be an excellent way to achieve public recognition at the same time as listening to what people want.

Shrewd critics have pointed out that this could just be a clever strategy to get twice as much publicity for the price of one. By getting public interest over the competition they promote themselves and then they will have a commercial which they can use to further promote themselves. Some have even gone so far as to say that if the money they save from not hiring conceptual experts and camera crews is more than the prize money, they will actually be saving at the same time as increasing their media coverage.

A panel of judges has been put in place in order to review filmmaker submissions, with the most impressive piece being rumoured to have substantial press coverage. A supplement reward has also been hinted at as a prize for the winning entry, although no confirmation has been given as of yet by Takamatsu officials.

The closing date for the competition has been arranged for 9pm eve standard time on the 28th of this month, with a link in the Galnet submission thread found here.