Summit blasted by ex-Navy Commander

New Eden News | YC110-09-04

Villore - Only a day after the Emergency Summit hosted in Villore, various notable military experts have come forward and ridiculed demands made to establish a commission for investigating Navy leadership.

One such individual was Kuremi Leschun, a retired Squadron Commander who served almost forty years in the Federation Navy. A decorated soldier renowned for leading numerous strikes deep into Serpentis territory, Leschun is held in high esteem by military officials and ordinary citizens alike.

"This is absolute shortsightedness," he claimed in an interview with The Scope. "It's breathtaking. This internal bickering, this creates a paralysis that threatens us all. We have a hostile Leviathan hovering over Caldari Prime with guns pointed at millions of our citizens and these people want to lynch our very best and brightest commanders in reply?"

Going further than simply attacking the Summit however, Leschun proposed what he saw as a solution. "What we need right now, in fact all we need right now is a clear remit from the President to defend ourselves properly, as any right-minded Gallentean should want to. The very last thing we need is more bureaucracy and red tape, in fact the less of it in these times, the better. With each passing day I find it harder to respect a President who continually delays making the hard decisions as he looks for a way to please everybody. This is not an election, this is a war."

Leschun's comments have been met with widespread support from large sections of the Jin Mei and Mannar communities, who for a long time have advocated a more aggressive approach to the Caldari State. Since the occupation of Luminaire they have been pushing harder than ever before to see their approach become policy, rallying behind vocal proponents of their views such as Leschun.