Special Report: Sisters of EVE Warn of Possible Wormhole Formation Throughout Cluster

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SYSTEM X7O-MU - The Sisters of EVE have released an unprecedented general warning to "all space faring travelers of New Eden" that they are forecasting the imminent formation of multiple wormholes throughout the cluster. The claim from the reclusive humanitarian organization comes amidst one of the most deadly natural catastrophes in modern history, as Seyllin and at least three other systems have been devastated by a main-sequence anomaly within the last several hours.

The highly technical warning states that "multiple instances of defect-mediated turbulence in the fabric of spacetime have been detected in various locations throughout the cluster," and that the sightings "coincide with the erratic behavior of multiple star systems, many of which are unreported, all throughout New Eden."

The statement adds that "such intense topological turbulence has every potential to collapse into pairs of defects, and that the resulting point-defect turbulence would be readily detectable using existing starship scanning technology."

Addressing CONCORD directly, the Sisters are strongly advising that "travel warnings be issued with immediate effect warning spacecraft to avoid them all costs, as there is theoretically no limit to the distance separating pairs of defects, or any reliable means of predicting how long such pairs will remain stable."

If true, the Sisters of EVE will have foreseen the appearance of the first naturally occurring wormholes since the collapse of the EVE gate more than fifteen thousand years ago.