SPECIAL REPORT: CONCORD Tracking a 'Large, Superheated Mass' Heading Towards Seyllin I

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

YULAI - SCOPE News has learned that CONCORD is tracking an immense wave of superheated plasma currently on a direct collision course with Seyllin I. The mass is approaching from the direction of the sun and, according to the officials who are aware of its existence, "moving at several million miles per hour and accelerating at an alarming rate." SCOPE has also learned that CONCORD and the Federation Navy have established a "zero hour," or approximate time for impact, and that ships operating in the system are on standing orders to leave the system well ahead of this time.

Editor's Note: Several reporters were illegally detained by CONCORD and the Federation government while bringing you this story, myself included. SCOPE has a long-standing tradition of doing what is necessary to deliver the truth to our audience; this is precisely the reason why we have earned your trust. It is not our place--nor, do we feel, is it anyone else's -- to decide what news is or isn't too much for the world to bear. For we have loved ones trapped on Seyllin as well, and they will likely die while upholding this founding principle of our firm. Thus, we believe that all those who remain should know the truth of what is coming, and be allowed the precious opportunity to say farewell.

Lars Kiormen, Chief Editor, SCOPE News