SPECIAL REPORT: CONCORD-Federation Joint News Conference Transcript Issued

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

LUMINAIRE 1014 - A joint press conference has been concluded just moments ago with President Souro Foiritan (present) and CONCORD Chief of Staff Kivas Odaka (virtual). The following is a transcript of the opening remarks by Federation President Souro Foiritan:

"Ladies and gentlemen, members of CONCORD, fellow citizens listening throughout New Eden, thank you for your attention. At 08:41 EVE Standard, a weather monitoring outpost on Seyllin I reported a service outage of its Cassandra satellite system. At 08:49 EST, fluid router communications at the primary underground cities of Southern Cross, Metal City, Valimor, and Loadcore were suspended following a self-imposed preventive shutdown. At 08:59 EST, contact with Southern Cross was reestablished, at which point it was confirmed that a radiological pulse event had disabled the communications systems of the entire planet. In addition, global electrical grids have been incapacitated, and the combined thermal and radioactive energy of the pulse has damaged or destroyed any equipment operating above a surface depth of 20 meters.

"The source of this pulse was the local sun. It was not an attack by any sovereign nation. The cause of this solar activity is not known, but appears to be a singular event. We do not anticipate any subsequent bursts at this time. However, given the extent of damage to vital structures and the high levels of radiation saturating the planet, I have issued an executive order to evacuate citizens from the planet. This is to provide medical assistance for those in need, to deliver search and rescue crews to critical sites, and to provide engineers with time to assess the situation and recommend an action plan for restoring vital services.

"I have appointed Grand Admiral Anteson Ranchel to oversee this operation, and I have absolute confidence in his abilities. Federation authorities reporting to him are coordinating with planetside emergency management personnel to provide an orderly and safe evacuation. Citizens are advised to leave physical possessions behind and head towards the nearest spaceports in the cities of Southern Cross and Valimor. With the assistance of CONCORD, Federation dropships will be available for transport at all times. Most of the primary intercity magrail lines linking these locations with Loadcore and Metal City are still operating on backup power. Citizens are advised to use these lines to reach Southern Cross and Valimor.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the toll in human life and injury from this tragedy will be too great to comprehend. Everything that we know about ourselves will be tested. Some of you will have to make some cruel choices, as you will encounter circumstances for which there are no right answers. I ask you to make way for those who can be saved, and to put your best foot forward for the safety and well-being of your fellow man. Thank you."