Spate of Drug Murders Attributed to Intaki 'Death Cult'

New Eden News | YC110-04-24

Intaki – Federal Police on the Intaki homeworld have revealed that rising violence in the narcotics underworld is a direct result of the involvement of a mysterious Intaki religious movement known as 'Aenebra' and condemned by the authorities as a 'criminal death cult'.

"We are now able to confirm that the murders of several known drug-dealers, two apparently innocent citizens and, yesterday, a member of the Federal Police working undercover are the actions of the death cult calling itself 'Aenebra'," said Assistant Commissioner Ifor Traventi in a press briefing today. "This cult is little more than a criminal conspiracy that we believe is being used by the Serpentis as an enforcer organisation within the narcotics black market."

Head of the Drug Enforcement Section of the Federal Police in Placid region, Asst. Commissioner Traventi commented on the increasing prevalence of recreational narcotics across the region, linking it to the increase seen throughout the Federation in recent years. "Regretfully, the trend amongst our young and well-to-do citizenry is for more and more expenditure of their surplus income on drugs and other black market items they consider 'luxuries'. While I am no economist, I cannot but see this as the dark side of the Federation's prosperity. My responsibility is for Placid but the Federation as a whole has to take notice of this increasing problem."

"The drugs trade is now enormously lucrative," stated Asst. Commissioner Traventi, "with vast illicit investments and interstellar networks of smugglers with highly sophisticated logistics. The profits from this run into the trillions across the Federation. With this much at stake is it any surprise that violence comes into play? With these insanely dangerous Aenebra cultists in the pay of the Serpentis the threat is even more pronounced." Little concrete information is available concerning the Aenebra cult but it is believed to be a radicalised outgrowth of the Intaki spiritual tradition, the Ida.

Commenting on the Aenebra, Professor Heloi Gachall of Caille University said, "They are a classic example of a trend around the edges of Intaki spiritualism away from classical moderation towards various extremes and radical interpretations. The Aenebra are particularly dangerous as they believe that death is not only part of the traditional Intaki cycle of life and rebirth but a means to effect change that can be used at will and without restriction. What this means is that they consider murder a legitimate method of achieving their ends. Furthermore, they may have very little regard for their own lives. As there is an apparent use of various narcotics in their rituals, we can see a partnership with a drugs cartel such as the Serpentis, with the Aenebra in the role of assassins, would be quite natural."

Asst. Commissioner Traventi closed his briefing by saying, "The citizens of Intaki and Placid in general can be assured the Federal Police will remain vigilant and proactive in combating this vile and murderous cult, together with continuing the fight against the scourge that is the illegal drugs trade."