SoCT confirms Triglavian-Drifter Conflict Amidst Calls for Capsuleer Aid

New Eden News | YC126-04-24

EDENCOM Pilot Fights in the Abyss

SoCT confirms Triglavian-Drifter Conflict Amidst Calls for Capsuleer Aid

Yulai, Genesis - The SoCT has confirmed that massive energy spikes detected in Abyssal Deadspace are evidence of an escalating Triglavian-Drifter conflict. Observations of Abyssal conduits have revealed extreme levels of both the entropic energy of Triglavian disintegrators, and signatures unique to Drifter weaponry.

Thought anomalous when first detected, the readings are the highest ever recorded in Abyssal Deadspace. The SoCT's astronomical observation program was temporarily suspended for scientific review as a result. No faults were found in the program’s sensors, and the results have now been verified by both the University of Caille and Hedion University.

According to these results, the quantities of energy being released are significant enough to cause the collapse of the conduits in which they are detected. Once collapsed, there is a risk of conduits appearing in Known Space. Idmei Sver, SoCT CEO has called this danger “extremely concerning”, warning that “unless immediate action is taken the war between these two powerful forces is likely to spill over into New Eden”.

In order to better understand and contain this threat, the SoCT is preparing plans to sponsor capsuleer expeditions into the collapsed conduits. EDENCOM teams will provide capsuleers with advanced reconnaissance, exploring conduits in hopes of gathering key operational intel.

Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir issued a statement ahead of EDENCOM’s deployment, addressing prospective capsuleer participants directly; “The exact nature of the conflict between these two forces is still unknown. What is clear is that left unchecked, their aggression will not remain limited to the Abyss for long. All pilots must stand against these threats before the people of New Eden find themselves caught in the crossfire.”

Capsuleer expeditions on behalf of the SoCT will begin on the 30th of April, YC126.

News in Brief

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