Skarkon citizens speak about Angel referendum

New Eden News | YC110-06-02

Skarkon - Following the surprising Pro-Angel Cartel referendum passed by citizens of the the Skarkon system, the system administrator allowed the Interstellar Correspondents in to speak with the citizens of Skarkon IV, one of the inhabited planets in the system. The people of Skarkon IV revealed that, for the most part, they are approaching the Angel Cartel with optimism.

One of the citizens who agreed to speak with IC was Tamara Jekata, an 83-year old native of Skarkon. "Fifty years ago," she said, "I wouldn't be saying this. But I'm glad the Angels are here. Look around! It can't be worse than it is now."

Her sentiments were echoed by many other residents. Skarkon was once a minorly prosperous mining system, though the rich asteroid belts dwindled in value sixty years ago. A mass of industry and Republic interest left the system, leaving behind millions of citizens at the edge of Republic space.

"The Cartel's got guards patrolling the streets," noted one resident, 23-year old Jakis Tarell, speaking of the armed soldiers the Angel Cartel landed on the planet as part of the takeover. "They're keeping the peace. And they're already offering people chances to work for them. I never thought I'd get off the planet. Maybe now I can."

Others weren't so optimistic about the Angel Cartel, but seemed unphased by the transition. "What're they going do? Sell drugs? Who has the money to buy them? Rob people? What are they going to steal?" said Saro Logan. "We're damned if they're here, damned if they're not. If the Republic really cared, they'd have never let this happen."