Sisters of EVE Respond to Malkalen Disaster

New Eden News | YC110-05-15

Malkalen, Lonetrek - As the scale of the disaster in Malkalen becomes clear, the Servant Sisters of EVE have offered to render aid to the beleaguered local Caldari relief agencies.

"Hospitals all over the Malkalen and the neighboring systems are swamped right now, with more injured pouring in as rescue crews push their way deeper into the wreckage," reported Freda Bismallein, a spokeswoman for the Sisters of EVE. "Given the amount of humanitarian aid that the Sisters perform throughout the cluster, we have the skills and experience to be of significant help, both to the wounded and to those displaced by the disaster."

This experience was ably shown when the Sisters began mobilizing trained rescue and medical crews within hours of the incident. Similarly, large stockpiles of medical supplies, foodstuffs, and temporary housing shelters were prepped and placed onto transports as quickly as possible.

But a pall of uncertainty and tension still hangs over the relief effort. "Obviously there's a political dimension to this as well," explains Bismallein. "Relations between the State and the Federation were strained to begin with, and with the questions surrounding events in Malkalen it is critical that a neutral, third-party organization like the Sisters of EVE step forward. We hope that the Caldari government will accept our offer of aid in the spirit it is given."

The first transports carrying medical and rescue personnel should begin arriving on scene within the hour.