Sisters of EVE Demand Explanation for CONCORD "Warfare Experiments"

New Eden News | YC120-08-30 - By Ret Gloriaxx

Yulai - The Sisters of EVE issued a public demand today for an explanation of several incidents involving CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department, alleged by the SOE to be linked and constituting a pattern of "CONCORD-sanctioned warfare experiments".

The last two weeks have seen the suspension of CONCORD's suspect-flagging system for those entering the deepest pockets of Abyssal Deadspace, together with the destruction in Yulai of capsuleer capital ships alleged to be using illegal rogue drone technology.

In the wake of capital ship fighting in the Yulai system not seen since the Minmatar Elders Invasion of YC110, the SOE have expressed considerable dismay and demanded clarification of remaining mysteries as to the nature of events that the DED have tersely described as "superluminal transport technology testing" and "the detection and elimination of capsuleers using forbidden artificial intelligence technology derived from rogue drones".

In a public statement, the Sisters voiced their frustration over an alleged lack of transparency from the DED's Special Affairs for Regulations and Order division (SARO). In addition, they have demanded the DED release all related information, and that SARO cease their "reckless and immoral warfare experiments".

Speaking to the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, a Sisters of EVE spokesperson said:

"It is time that we acknowledge SARO is a paramilitary force that is allowed to run wild without any transparent oversight. The mere fact that the thuggish and murderous behavior of SARO forces in Yulai was not stopped by DED command or the Inner Circle shows that they either sanction it, or they simply don't care about the thousands of innocents that were killed in this so-called 'field test'.

"Furthermore, all that SARO had to say on the matter was that the capsuleers in question were 'in violation of the Yulai Convention', without offering any form of proof or evidence to back these claims up. This means that we are all expected to sit by idly and take some random SARO officer for their word that these acts of mass murder are justice under due process.

"But it is not just SARO that we need to be concerned about. It is also the way that DED officials, who are normally tasked with ensuring that the rules of engagement under the Yulai Convention are followed to the letter, sat by idly and watched the bloodthirsty capsuleers open fire in Yulai itself.

"We are also deeply concerned by the arbitrary lifting of regulations concerning Abyssal Deadspace in this same period of time. It is the belief of the Sisters of EVE that CONCORD is sanctioning reckless experiments and using capsuleers as unwitting test subjects. After we have thoroughly processed all relevant information that we have demanded from CONCORD we will publish a definitive report."

When questioned by our reporters, the office of Brigadier Odo Korachi of the DED's Genesis Fleet was unwilling to comment further on the Yulai tests or the accusations of the SOE. Pressed by the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, the CONCORD Inner Circle released a short statement:

"The Inner Circle leaves operational matters of individual departments within CONCORD to their respective leadership as a matter of longstanding policy. Naturally, we were thoroughly briefed in advance on the specifics of the Genesis Fleet's operations in Yulai over the last two weeks. We saw no reason to countermand the orders from Brigadier General Korachi establishing the terms of the live-fire testing that was undertaken.

"The requirement that the DED work to maintain and improve the security of New Eden mandates all relevant divisions to explore numerous defensive technologies. The claim that the Yulai operations were undertaken at the direction of SARO is without merit and is a total misunderstanding of the organization and responsibilities of that division."