Sisters of EVE Announce Wormhole Expedition Plans

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

X-70MU -The Sisters of EVE announced their plans to launch an expedition into the wormhole, following CreoDron's discovery of civilization in that area of space.

According to reports, the SSoE discovered a wormhole in an unidentified system near their headquarters. "If there is a civilization on the other side of these wormholes, then it is imperative that we approach with even more caution than before," said a SSoE spokesperson. "We do not know if these structures are inhabited or abandoned, nor do we know the disposition of the civilization that built them."

The Sisters are taking several top diplomats, linguists, and scientists in an effort to make peaceful contact with any possible inhabitants in the wormhole space. In addition to the scientific vessels, Mordu's Legion escort ships will accompany the expedition in the event that the structures are inhabited by hostile entities. "We are taking every effort to protect our people. We will go in with an open heart, but ready arms."

The Sisters expect to launch the expedition within the next few days, and they will provide updates as they come.