Signs of unknown civilizations found by CreoDron scout drones

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

CreoDron scout drones have identified "non-natural deadspace signatures" while currently exploring an unknown system on the other side of a wormhole, suggesting they were designed by intelligent lifeforms.

This startling news was delivered moments ago by Prof. Lianda Burreau, this time via a local fluid router broadcast in the Balrille system. This system is in the process of being heavily locked down by local Federation Navy pilots.

Although the news cannot be confirmed at this time, dozens of eyewitness reports from Balrille all relate the same story. Those present to hear her communication claim that Prof. Burreau seemed "hurried" with the news. "She just opened up in local comms before I could make sense of what she was saying. Something about discovering signatures, that she was going, and that she would transmit from the other side," said one anonymous witness. "She seemed defiant, more than anything. I think people were trying to stop her," stated another.