Shakor Idolatry Leads To Tragedy

New Eden News | YC110-08-03

Rens – A pair of teenagers are in MedBay today on Rens VI (Moon 8) - Brutor tribe Treasury following what appears to be an act of hero-worship.

According to statements made by medical personnel, the youths (of Brutor tribe lineage) appear to have unintentionally blinded themselves in an attempt to bear resemblance to the original Defiants and Sanmatar Shakor.

The youths (whose names are being withheld to protect their privacy) appear to have washed their eyes with caustic industrial dyes, apparently with the intention of dying their irises white permanently. Though neither the teenagers' clan nor the medical facility have responded officially, medical histories for both teens (obtained through undisclosed sources) indicate a long-standing pattern of mental imbalance and self-inflicted injury.

Both teens are listed as being in stable condition, but are being kept under close watch to ensure their safety. A medical spokesperson has stated that the teens will require regenerative therapy to repair the corneal and retinal damage caused by the dyes, but that they should make a full recovery in time.

Reports indicate the teenagers' clan is collectively attempting to raise the money required for the expensive therapy.