Shady business dealings in Placid

New Eden News | YC107-09-02

Several buy orders for large quantities of contraband goods have been reported to have appeared on market terminals around stations in the Placid region this evening.

The buyer, identified as one Jevako Niedboux is said to be offering considerable amounts of ISK for large quantities of small arms and Caldari officer insignias.

While these goods remain legal within Gallente space, their illegality in other regions and the sheer volume requested has sparked substantial interest and speculation regarding the motivations behind these unusual orders.

Niedboux, described as a small time Gallente trader and CEO of local haulage corporation Niedboux Shipping and Handling is reported to deal in all manner of items and often works as a middle man in procuring items for individuals who value their anonymity.

One local merchant suggested that it was unusual for Niedboux to take on such a large order and did not rule out the possibility of outside funding.

Concord is thought to be currently investigating Jevako Niedboux on unrelated allegations of smuggling and people trafficking, though no official was available to confirm or deny these rumours.