Seyllin: Panic Grips Planetside Installations, Rescue Operations Disrupted

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLLIN - Mass panic has all but halted rescue operations following an unofficial warning of a possible world-shattering plasma wave approaching the planet. Several spaceports have been forced to turn away approaching dropships as the boarding gantries have been overrun with panicked residents fighting for space aboard the next transport.

SCOPE News has maintained contact with several reporters trapped in the cities of Southern Cross and Valimor. They have sent word that many residents within the vast underground caverns have made no attempt to leave, peacefully enjoying what could possibly be their final moments alive. Despite the lack of power in many parts of the cities, they report that there is an eerie calm in the deepest levels, forged perhaps from the resignation that there is little chance of escape.

The unofficial rescue count currently stands at 843,000 residents. CONCORD and the Federation Navy have ceased cooperating with news agencies at this time.