Seyllin Corporate Facilities Remain Open

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLLIN - While forces rapidly evacuate the Seyllin systems, both Roden Shipyards and CreoDron announced in a joint statement that their facilities would remain open to new docking for as long as station managers deemed it safe. Neither CONCORD nor Federation Navy officials would comment on the safety of the stations from the plasma event threatening Seyllin I.

"We are still accepting as many ships as our docking bays can hold. For those ships that can't get out-system for whatever reason," the statement read, "we are here to provide a safe haven. Our facilities, like many others, are crowded and strained, but we are ready to go the extra mile in order to save lives."

The stations' defenses can be considerably hardened, but doing so requires all docking bays sealed and shield integrity boosted, preventing inbound and outbound traffic from passing through. As the extent of the damage potential from the system event is not known at this time, station officials could not comment on the extent of potential damage to the station.