Seituoda Family 'Concerned' by Slow Growth at Wiyrkomi

New Eden News | YC110-10-30

Dantumi - Retainers of the reclusive Seituoda family, founders and majority shareholders of the Wiyrkomi Corporation, have taken the unusual step of revealing that the founding family is "concerned" by the sluggish performance of the megacorporation in recent months. Analysts have informed the family that Wiyrkomi's key manufacturing business and subsidiary assemblies are suffering from inadequate oversight while major investment is being directed into the relatively new healthcare division of Wiyrkomi Health and Wellbeing (WHW).

Set up some years ago, WHW began as an exploratory business at the direction of Wiyrkomi CEO Kuruta Irio. While WHW represented a radical new direction for the megacorporation, the Wiyrkomi board appears to have considered it a major vehicle for long-term profits. Records indicate the venture had the blessing of the Seituoda family at the time.

Whispers from within the health sector suggest the business has spent much of its time investing in the cosmetic augmentation market, rather than core healthcare services. It is clear from publicly-filed financial records that a ramping up of investment from the parent megacorporation has recently taken place. Rumours also suggest Kuruta Irio is spending much time overseeing the WHW subsidiary, leaving detail work at Wiyrkomi to executives who allegedly complain that Irio merely "glances over the books" from time to time.

A source within the executive bureau of Wiyrkomi has stated that Irio's closer interest in WHW began on his return from a Mercantile Club conference at the Raata Heritage Spa in New Caldari. The spa is an exclusive venue catering to only the top echelons of the megacorporations. Due to the confidentiality offered by Raata Heritage Spa, it is not possible to report even the main topic of the Mercantile Club gathering or who the other attendees were.