Security Alert Rocks Amarr as Misaba Security Fails

New Eden News | YC107-03-15

The mysterious happenings in Misaba burst out of the solar system this evening in a frenzied attempt to cover up a serious security leak from the Zoar and Sons station.

Kanjin Odana, a member of the Takamatsu Trading Exchange managed to sneak past the security and quarantine fields in the highly protected station and gather information which the Amarr Navy has simply called "highly sensitive".

It was only the quick reactions of officials in the Amarr station, noticing that something was wrong which averted a complete disaster. Lord Sorn, a Commander in the Ministry of War quickly rallied as many pilots as he could muster, throughout Amarr territory to hunt down the pilot before he could pass on his information.

After a chase which crossed practically the entirety of the Empire, Odana was caught and podkilled in New Caldari by Digitalcommunist. This should have been the end of it but as the pilot was flying to Amarr to present the Corpse for payment, harsh words were exchanged. Both Lord Sorn and Digitalcommunist pitched racial slurs against each other, the result being that Lord Sorn significantly reduced the reward to 5 million ISK. DigitalCommunist refused to accept, claiming that he would rather keep the corpse.

Lord Sorn was unimressed, confident that the information was destroyed with the ship. He insisted that the insults he suffered would not go unpunished.