Search and Rescue in Drone Regions Recalled Due to Hostile Swarms

New Eden News | YC119-06-09 - By Yasda Hadoka

YULAI - Hostile rogue drone swarms have forced the recall of search and rescue teams from the "Drone Regions", according to sources within CONCORD. The search teams were sent to the Etherium Reach, Malpais and Oasa regions following the loss of contact with CONCORD's Taskforce Pegasus five days ago.

CONCORD and Directive Enforcement Department officials are refusing to comment on these reports but Caldari Financial News has been able to confirm the recall order was issued this morning with multiple sources in CONCORD and the DED.

The presence of hostile rogue drones within the Drone Regions is not in itself unusual or alarming given the high levels of infestation. Even so, some experts are concerned by the reports. "The indications of active, colonizing swarms of rogue drones changing their patterns and responding to investigations with new hostile tactics are worrying," Professor Amilcar Suulo of the School of Applied Knowledge told Iesa Murikomo in an interview on This Is The State.

"We should be prepared to deal with potential rogue drone outbreaks outside the Drone Regions if the reports of an escalation and change in activity is confirmed," continued Professor Suulo.

NOH and Caldari Financial News will be closely following this developing situation.