Scope data recorder salvaged, images recovered

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Yulai - An independent pilot has located the wreck of The Scope's on-site media shuttle and recovered the data recorder from the wreckage. While the video feed seems to be corrupt, the camera logs are largely intact and we are streaming data from them now.

Images assembled from the data show the horrific battle unfolding with the CONCORD fleet massing on the Minmatar-Thukker invaders attempting to repulse their savage attack on the CONCORD Bureau station. Suddenly a huge cynosural field opens up in system and the view is filled by the enormous bulk of what can only be a Ragnarok-class Titan.

As the joint Minmatar forces began streaming towards Ragnarok, including lifepods from the capital-class vessels, CONCORD realigns their fire-power and begins hammering at the Ragnarok's immeasurable bulk. Moments later the area around the Titan flares with thousand of incandescent missiles spreading over the battlefield. The feed abruptly terminates at this point.

Posted at 11:45 GMT