Scientists: Solar Radiological Pulse Event to Blame for Seyllin Catastrophe

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

BOURYNES 1003 - An emergency conference of scientists arranged by University of Caille has concluded that a "solar radiological pulse" originating from the blue sun of the Seyllin system is to blame for the ongoing catastrophe on its innermost planet. They ruled out the possibility of a military attack - including a potential nuclear strike - based on the size and scale of the devastation, stating that "no arsenal in the possession of any nation-state in the cluster is capable of delivering such widespread and deep devastation in such a short period of time."

More ominously, the conference reported that the possibility of a supernova still cannot be ruled out, despite the fact that the local Seyllin sun (a powerful O-class star) was not expected to do so for at least another million years. The symptoms of Seyllin I appear consistent with a post-main sequence event, as the planet has been doused in massive bursts of ultraviolet energy and high-energy particles such as x- and gamma rays. Those deep beneath the surface or on the night-side of the planet might be spared the brunt of any thermal effect, but radiological damage would be felt across the entire world.

The scientists warned that for any installation or outpost on the surface of the side directly facing a radiological pulse of that magnitude, the probability of survival is zero.