Scientists found starved dead at Inis-Ilix Royal Mines – Slave imposters missing with sensitive documents

New Eden News | YC106-03-08

Sad news have arrived from the Royal Mines at the planet of Inis-Ilix I as the bodies of the two missing scientists Henric Touvolle and Taromi Umailen were discovered near a small cave on the outskirts of one of the slave camps. It was a team of professional bounty hunters, hired by the Federation, which tracked down the scientists' whereabouts, but arrived too late to have a chance of reviving them. Tentative inspection suggests that malnutrition and respiration problems may be the cause of death, though authorities refrain from any further comments until after an autopsy. The toxic atmosphere of Inis-Ilix I claims the lives of hundreds of slaves each week, sparing only those whose stamina has been hardened through years of survival in brutal conditions.

The science community is shaken by the loss of its brightest beacons and memorial services are being held today all over the world of EVE in respect of these giants of modern science, responsible for bringing many wondrous discoveries into the world.

In related news the Amarrians are claiming the two Minmatars that stole the identities of the two scientists and replaced them in Articio Kor-Azor's new research labs were in fact rebel infiltrators intending to sabotage the laboratories. After the pair left with the help of federal escort it was discovered that sensitive information, including blueprints for rare Amarrian space vessels, was missing from the research facilities. The Amarrians are demanding that the two Minmatars be returned to Amarr space immediately, but the pair vanished after entering Federation space and is not likely to be seen again. Sources say that Articio is fuming over the whole escapade and is plotting to avenge this affront to his honor.