SCC to up the price for creating a corporation

New Eden News | YC106-02-26

In a statement sent out earlier today the Secure Commerce Committee (SCC) announces that the cost for creating a new corporation will be increased to 1,500,000 isk in the very near future. The CEO of SCC, Laurene Afrostel, explains that SCC handles the paperwork for corporations and is getting swamped by the amount of small, insignificant corporations out there today. By upping the cost to found a corporation, SCC hopes to limit the number of new corporations being formed every day from the flood it currently is to a more manageable number.

Responses to the statement have been mixed, with the Amarrian Imperial Chancellor praising the decision, stating it will ensure that SCC will be able to maintain their high level of professionalism in the future; while the Caldari State has denounced the decision as ‘ridiculous’ and a direct affront to established Caldari business practices, which favors a rapid ebb and flow of new corporations. Sources within the Chief Executive Panel indicate that the Caldari leaders are considering taking this matter up in the halls of CONCORD, which might jeopardize the delicate balance currently held there between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation.