SCC Announces Date For Commencement of Jovian Part Trade

New Eden News | YC106-05-21

SCC spokesmen today released a statement explaining that the moratorium placed on the upcoming Jovian body part trade has been extended until Wednesday of next week.

According to the statement, issued on behalf of Commission CFO Rayla Netho, the setting of the new date is due to the “logistical problems inherent in an undertaking of this size. There is no precedent for this kind of market venture, and extreme caution needs to be exercised in order to protect economic stability.”

The statement also contains details on SCC-proposed changes to the buy-back proceedings. In order to facilitate participation from a larger number of individuals, the minimum order size for each part will be reduced from the previously-planned 1000 units to more manageable sums, corresponding to each part’s relative rarity.

More details will be released once the SCC has finalized the arrangements.