Rumours Spark Gold Rush

New Eden News | YC109-10-07

A mysterious explorer has sparked an influx of prospectors into Pegasus as they seek their fortune from a reportedly untouched gas cloud.

Residents of the area had been bemused by the sudden surge in the local population until rumours of the gas formation began to leak out.

With most other such spacial anomalies already harvested, the opportunity to enter or maintain a position in the lucrative booster market has been the main thrust behind the prospecting.

Of course such a high concentration of mainly non-combatants has seen a smattering of pirate activity in the region and as more and more ships head deep into frontier territory, so the opportunity for increased conflict grows.

The recent improvements in ship sensor technology has seen many more pod-pilots rush to join the elite pioneers that scour the galaxy for its secrets.

Even if the most recent rumours turn out to be untrue, such is the potential profit that many corporations in the industry cannot afford not to go. Another reason for joining in the 'gold rush' is simply safety in numbers.

"Residents and local pirates will not take kindly to this invasion of what they see as their sovereign territory" said Commander Apira of CONCORD.

"The mad rush by profiteering corporations at least affords them some safety as there may simply be too many of them for the locals to deal with," he added.

There is at this time no confirmation that any large gas cloud formations have been found, and no word of any casualties among the prospectors.