Royal Heirs called to Amarr Prime; Privy Council to hold emergency session

New Eden News | YC111-06-03

Amarr - The five Royal Heirs of the Amarr Empire have been recalled to Amarr Prime for an emergency meeting of the Privy Council. The order comes after days of meetings between Empress Jamyl I and King Khanid II that have fueled rampant speculation throughout the cluster.

All five Heirs have already arrived at Dam-Torsad to attend the meeting. Catiz Tash-Murkon was the first to arrive, followed shortly after by Merimeth Sarum, then Aritcio Kor-Azor and Uriam Kador, with Yonis Ardishapur arriving several hours later from the Ammatar Mandate.

A full meeting of the extended Privy Council - which also includes representatives from the Civil Service, Theology Council, Ministry of Internal Order, Imperial Chancellery, Ministry of War, and Imperial Navy - last occurred prior to the coronation of Empress Jamyl I.