Roden Speaks At Arcurio Election Address

New Eden News | YC117-01-27

LUMINAIRE - President Roden has spoken publicly for the first time since the Gallente Presidential Election entered the advanced voting stage, in an address made from the site of the Operation Highlander memorial in District 24 of Arcurio this evening.

Wrapped in a jet black Vallou Greatcoat to fend off the biting cold and snow of Arcurio's harsh winter, President Roden gave a candid retrospective of his presidency since his convincing victory in the YC111 elections, citing the need for unity among the people of the Federation and a sense of continuity.

In the statement, which came after the official opening of a new line of Arcurio's AKTA rapid transit system, which will serve the south side of District 24, the president stressed the need for continued vigilance against "elements both foreign and domestic which seek to destabilize the Federal administration."

Speaking regarding his current term, Roden agreed with questioning from a Scope media representative, indicating that he felt that the Federation was "under the threat of imminent further attack by provist elements within the Caldari State" when he took office in early YC112.

When asked regarding his choice to push through Executive Order 81042 in August YC111 prior to his election, he once again reaffirmed his decision, stating that "while I admire President Foiritan's dedication to the people of the Federation and our values, along with his continued service to the Gallente people post-presidency, the situation the administration was faced with at the time required rapid and decisive action to counter the imminent threat of provist attacks against Federal territory.

The administration in power at the time was unable to make such decisions, and while it was the most difficult call of my political career to date, it was made with the best interests and safety of the Gallente people at the forefront of my mind. This will always be the case."

When quizzed on the current economic state of the Federation, the president appeared confident in his response that "the Federal economy is in the most stable position it has been for almost a decade" and confirmed that "both the Secure Commerce Commission and the Bank Of Luminaire are in agreement that we will see solid economic growth in the next two quarters, perhaps 2.5 to 2.7 percent."

Following up on his statement, Roden offered a rare quip, remarking that "should I be ousted over the course of the coming weeks, I'm sure the Federation's next president will not have too much work on her hands with regards to our economic state. Perhaps she'll be able to devote some of that spare time to dazzling us further with her wonderful authoring skills."

With many of the media amused, but immediately relating this remark to presidential candidate and Arcurio resident Shaileen Ramnev, who at this time remains a close second in the election race according to most opinion polls, the president was then bombarded with questions regarding her campaign.

In response to questioning, Roden remarked that "all friendly jokes aside, while I admire Miss Ramnev's desire to serve the Gallente people and her idealistic approach to Federal politics, I believe that from both an economic and military standpoint, what the Federation needs more than ever before is a sense of continuity and solidarity, in order to continue to grow and prosper over the coming years.

We must remember that the Federation is still very much at war, and still faces significant threat from the armed forces of the Caldari State. Lest we forget, that a little under two years ago the very ground we stand on in the heart of the Federation was under provist occupancy. Thankfully, direct action from the Federal Combined Armed Forces changed that situation, and we were able to curb the bloodshed for both the Gallente and Caldari people with swift and decisive intervention from our military.

The Federation must maintain a vigilant but grounded approach to this conflict, and we must not let any form of ideal we may have cloud our judgement or falter our stance on this matter."

At the conclusion of the address, which lasted roughly thirty minutes, the president was photographed laying a wreath of Black Tsuubaaki flowers, native only to the Kaalakiota peaks, on the plinth of the Highlander monument before departing for Villore.