Roden Shipyards rewards fortunate entrepreneur with first privately owned Gallente Navy Comet

New Eden News | YC107-01-11

Three days ago, Joshua Foiritain received the first privately owned Federation Navy Comet from his contact at Roden Shipyards. Junnader Crucarne of the Shipyards stated that he was pleased to be able to offer the ship to such a loyal and hardworking freelancer.

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Foiritain,

Hitzu'kai Brena: How does it feel to have been rewarded with such a ship?

Joshua Foiritain: I’m happy and scared at the same time, it’s an amazing ship but the insurance doesn’t cover its true value.

Hitzu'kai Brena: Do you intend to fly it actively?

Joshua Foiritain: I will keep flying it during flights where I do not expect to get shot at. I won’t risk it in combat though.

Hitzu'kai Brena: What were you required to do, in return for the ship?

Joshua Foiritain: Junnader Crucarne wanted me to execute certain criminals who had attacked some of his miners a week or so ago.

Joshua Foiritain: I was required to deliver DNA samples and identity tags of these Criminals.

Hitzu'kai Brena: Was it difficult to acquire the items?

Joshua Foiritain: It was quite a search; I spend three days after I was contacted by my agent searching.

Hitzu'kai Brena: But you found the items, and now you're the proud owner of the Navy Comet

Joshua Foiritain: Yup, I did have help searching though. A pilot named Cadenceca assisted me in finding the last missing pieces. He unfortunately would not accept a reward for doing so.

Hitzu'kai Brena: What do you think of the ship, so far? Combat capabilities, speed, and the like?

Joshua Foiritain: It’s a very nice ship; the only downside is the small capacitor.
Joshua Foiritain: It has a very nice slot layout which allows a good amount of equipment to placed in and of course it looks amazing

Hitzu'kai Brena: How long have you worked for Roden Shipyards?

Joshua Foiritain: Difficult to say, I worked for Roden Shipyards several months ago and took a break when one of my corporations moved to Caldari space. I resumed working for them with a friend about one and a half weeks ago.

Hitzu'kai Brena: Apparently, they appreciate you enough to offer you the Comet!
Hitzu'kai Brena: Would you like to say something in conclusion?

Joshua Foiritain: Id just like to Thank Cadenceca again for all his help.
Joshua Foiritain: It really made the searching go a lot faster.

We concluded the interview after that.

Although this is the first of the Navy Comets to be offered to a person outside the Federation Navy, it is likely not to be the last one. For now, though, it is the only one available, although Mr. Foiritain assured me that the ship is not for sale.

Where the Comet travels next, is not known. Perhaps you’ll see it soon, in a system near you, piloted by the lucky Joshua Foiritain.