Revolutionary terraforming project falls at first hurdle

New Eden News | YC107-06-07

Walkai Terraforming Industries, the corporation who only days ago announced their plans to terraform the planet of Iivinen IV using revolutionary new technology, suffered their first setback today with the total destruction of one of their convoys.

Recruiting their escorts from the capsuleer population in Nonni, they proceeded to move out with a fleet they thought would be able to defend them against any threats they may have faced. The one threat they didn’t account for was the one from within.

The mercenary recruitment process was rushed and as a result they hired a bad apple. Kehmor, a pilot noted for many acts of piracy throughout his career was allowed to join the group despite his security status verging on levels which wouldn’t allow him into the most secure of systems.

Roughly halfway through the journey Kehmor turned on his employers and led several other pirates to the scene where they wasted no time in ripping into the convoy. Amongst them were Viceroy, DigitalCommunist and Jes Salvatore. The accompanying defenders could only watch in horror as one by one the top of the line transport ships they were guarding were ripped apart by the pirate weapons fire.

Walkai Terraforming Industries were outraged at this turn of events, stating that the official who let this happen will be severely reprimanded. Along with this they warned the perpetrators of this attack to watch their back as Walkai would be taking serious action against them. They also announced that this setback would not stop their plans and they would continue with the project as soon as possible.