Respected House Divided Over Sarum

New Eden News | YC110-07-21

Sarum Prime – Sharp opinions and hot tempers are reported to have spilled over into the provincial politics of the Sarum domain this morning. The epicentre of this discord is located in the heart of Sarum territory as the locally respected Orsha family was fractured concerning the recent and dramatic re-emergence of Jamyl Sarum, now expectant to the throne of the Amarr Empire.

Following Jamyl Sarum’s public surfacing, during the defence of sovereign Amarr Empire territory by the Minmatar Republic, the Sarum domain erupted into celebration after many years of uncertainty. However, speaking at an assembly of local holders and influential business men today the unmistakable sound of heckling soon issued from the ranks of the Orsha family trumpeted by the elderly head of the family, Kerrigan Orsha. This string of outspoken berating of Empress Jamyl was in response to several members of the conference – aimed at forming ‘home front’ strategies which would both contribute to the solidarity of the Sarum domain and bolster the Amarr Navy build-up – opened their contributions to the day’s agenda with notes of high praise for their new Empress.

Soon after Kerrigan Orsha’s outburst, in which he declared Empress Jamyl ‘unworthy of the throne to the holy Empire under God’, the floor descended into chaos bringing an abrupt end to the session. Most notable of the assembly who spoke against Kerrigan Orsha was his own son, Jormine Orsha, who appeared to unleash a torrent of litany at his own father in public. Lord Orsha had declared Jamyl Sarum to be ‘impure’, owing to the speculation that she had been cloned after she committed ritual suicide at the coronation of Emperor Doriam II.

Over the course of several hours the conference centre inside the Sarum Family station was slowly cleared of squabbling guests, not least of these being the many members of the Orsha family, who were still fighting among themselves in the halls. Small pockets of people at a time were removed by the Sarum Family security in attendance at the venue, some declining to comment to media representatives who had flocked to the conference centre in droves. Others seemed to quickly scuttle by to avoid any involvement or connection with the imbroglio. As Lord Orsha himself was escorted from the scene, under heavy guard, he was described as appearing to be a broken man and ignored the clamouring media who were searching for comment. Soon afterwards Jormine Orsha was escorted to a waiting transport, stopping to address the awaiting reporters.

Jormine Orsha then stunned reporters by claiming to speak on behalf of the Orsha family and publicly renounced his father for his words in the conference and poignantly punctuated this with the following words:
“He is no father of mine. Not anymore. I renounce him and his disgrace to our family name.”

Closing his brief remarks, Jormine Orsha made a plea to Empress Jamyl.
“I humbly beg Her Majesty, Empress Jamyl, to show our family mercy and not hold the actions of one blasphemous old fool against us all. As for him [Kerrigan Orsha] I leave such judgements to Her Majesty, to do with as she wishes.”