Republic Leaders Condemn “Act of Cowardice”

New Eden News | YC107-07-05

In a statement released this morning, Minmatar Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular avowed the Republic’s “dismay at the prevalence of cruelty and the passing of an icon.”

“The rising tide of violence and mistrust governing the relations of the world’s powers must be stemmed,” read the statement. “When evil is allowed to exercise its influence unchecked, good people, with the potential to do great things, will fall into the valley of shadow from whence there is no returning. Acts of cowardice, perpetrated by wardens of such evil, are to be condemned now as ever.”

The statement’s language has garnered much attention due to its harsh black-and-white nature and a certain dramatic flair uncommonly seen in the realm of Matari politics. Says analyst Jelani Duchamp, “Something has quite obviously struck a nerve with the Prime Minister. Her political legacy has, to this point, been one of moderation and restraint. To be truthful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a statement like this from her.”

When asked to elaborate on the Prime Minister’s statement, Tribal Council representatives present at this morning’s Rens III press conference declined to comment, stating that all senior Council and Parliament personnel were currently sitting in special session with Urban Management and the Republic Fleet, and would take opportunities to comment at a later date.

Other questions, such as whether a working Insorum prototype lies in the hands of the Republic or anyone associated with it, remain unanswered by the Republic’s government. Allegations have on several levels been variously dismissed as “fantastical” or “absurd,” but no hard denials nor confirmations have been given. Speculation on the matter remains widespread.

More news as it arrives.