Republic Academic Appointed to Ambassador Post

New Eden News | YC110-05-08

Illuin – Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular today announced the appointment of renowned long time academic Keitan Yun as the nation’s ambassador on the CONCORD Assembly. "Mr. Yun has served our nation well in the capacity of our universities,” she said. “No man is better versed in our culture or history than him. He is a true Minmatar patriot, and will represent us well before the Assembly."

Despite his new responsibilities as an international diplomat, the enthusiastic Sebiestor will still retain his honorary fellowship with Republic University. "This is a great honor," he commented. "I’ve spent most of my life studying the history of this great Republic. I never imagined the day would come when I could be so close to the making of that history, and I sincerely thank the esteemed Prime Minister for the opportunity to serve."

Parliament Head Maleatu Shakor was uncharacteristically supportive of the prime minister’s choice. "About time she picked someone worthy of the title," he commented. "Hopefully the man has the spine to stand up to her nonsensical politics and truly speak for Minmatar for once."

Ambassador Yun will make his first appearance before the CONCORD Assembly this Sunday in a closed-door session.