Report: Serpentis and ORE Send Assistance to Seyllin

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

SEYLLIN 1035 - After a brief confrontation with Federation Navy warships, unarmed Serpentis vessels were in the last hour allowed to pass through to Seyllin I. The pirate faction, a longtime rival of the Federation, has delivered medical equipment and personnel to help assist victims rescued from the planet. In addition, they have brought specialized excavation equipment provided by ORE which can be used to "create new access points for dropships or clear major obstacles to rescue operations," according to a company spokesperson.

As a sure sign of the extraordinary and dire situation on Seyllin I, President Foiritan thanked the cartel but warned that "such actions, though noble, do not exonerate the criminal organization from past misdeeds." Serpentis CEO Salvador Sarpati remarked that "the sentiment is mutual, and in the interest of saving those trapped beneath the surface of Seyllin, our differences have been temporarily set aside."

Separately, ORE stated that using Serpentis to dispatch the equipment was the fastest way to get it to Seyllin, and that the loss of their survey team in Outer Ring makes their own participation in the Seyllin rescue effort "deeply personal to them."