New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Illuin – Scope News has learned that the Minmatar-Thukker force which is responsible for igniting a war in New Eden are the Minmatar “Elders”, the legendary ancient leaders of the original seven tribes. If true, this claim would validate the Republic’s official denial of involvement with the Amarr invasion, and of the Republic Fleet’s defensive posturing along the Amarrian border.

Editor’s Note: Under normal circumstances, Scope News would discredit this claim. However, given the Thukker Tribe’s alignment with the attack force, the apparent mass-defection of millions of Ammatar civilians, their ancient affiliation as the Nefantar tribe, and the resurgence of the Starkmanir, we made a collective decision to publish this news with a "caution" disclaimer. These are extraordinary times, and on behalf everyone at this agency, we implore all of you to remain vigilant as these unprecedented events unfold.

Posted 14:17 GMT