Report From Navy Logistics Command Details Costs of Occupation

New Eden News | YC111-01-23

Otsasai - Caldari Navy Logistics Command today released the results of a study calculating the continuing costs of the occupation of Caldari Prime, revealing grim figures for continuing naval readiness. Nearly 15% of the fleet's transport capacity is permanently tied to keeping Navy and Provist troops supplied on the planet, with the total resource allocation for the occupation nearly 50% higher than that of a similarly-sized naval task force. The report also notes that marines serving on the planet are suffering from physiological and psychological problems at a rate 27% higher than normal, a situation which places considerable strain on the medical corps.

The report, ordered last month by the office of the Navy commander-in-chief, concludes that "the occupation of Caldari Prime is the largest single operational expense in the naval budget." With the Navy representing only about a third of the total occupation force (though it does represent the vast majority of the space combat and transportation assets), the full cost of the occupation is becoming painfully clear.

The report provoked a contentious debate in the CEP. Though the Ishukone delegation remained quiet, close allies Hyasyoda used the report to criticize the current military policies of Executor Heth. "While the State continues to spend billions of ISK on a sentimental crusade, the Directorate sends its representatives hat in hand to the Amarr. How can we continue down this course and not betray the trust placed in us by our investors and citizens?" argued one Hyasyoda delegate. "These are just the material costs - what is the cost to our reputation, our values, our culture?" The delegate's speech was greeted with subdued murmurs of support from a number of other corporations.

However, Lai Dai defended the occupation. "Yes, it is a burden. But how can we put a price on our history, the sacrifice of our ancestors, and the security of our people?" asked a member of the Lai Dai delegation. "You say that there is nothing left of what once was on Caldari Prime - that the Gallente scoured the surface during the bombardment and ended anything that was ours. I say that what we left there is not so tenuous that it can be destroyed by simple orbital bombardment. We must show the Gallente that we not so easily beaten." The rest of the patriot bloc applauded the remarks, while the practical delegations were "visibly uncomfortable," according to witnesses.