REPORT: Federation Loses Contact With Minmatar Republic – Midular Whereabouts Unknown

New Eden News | YC110-06-09

Illuin – The Federal Administration has just reported that diplomatic contact with the Minmatar Republic has been lost. Efforts to reach government officials have been met with automated responses, and Federation emissaries are reporting that foreign offices, including consulates and embassies, have been closed without explanation. Further, efforts to contact Prime Minister Karin Midular or her spokesman have gone unanswered. She was last seen being hurried away from parliament by security guards following her call for new elections.

Republic Fleet Grand Admiral Kasora Neko remains the only government official in regular contact with international dignitaries, but refuses to offer any details on the present state of the Republic. She warned that the Fleet will "uphold its mission to maintain law and order" within its territory and that she "will continue to protect Republic borders with vigilance".

Meanwhile, the Federation Navy has issued a travel advisory for all destinations in the Minmatar Republic as refugees continue to pour across the border.