REPORT: Caldari Naval forces withdraw to the Citadel; Federation Navy does not engage

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Luminaire - Reports are coming in that the Caldari Navy has withdrawn the bulk of its forces from Gallente space. The Gallente Navy has refrained from halting the withdraw under the orders of President Foiritan. However, Federation Navy forces have tailed the Caldari task force back to the border and there have been moments where it appeared hostilities would reignite between the two sides.

The Caldari Navy appears to have withdrawn to the Citadel region along the border with the Gallente Federation. With the Federation Navy deploying along its own border with the State, both Navies remain on high alert.

Surprisingly a Caldari Navy force, including a Leviathan-class Titan, remains in orbit around Caldari Prime along with weapons platforms and other defensive measures. The Federation Navy has managed to clear the mining of the stargates into Luminaire but has purposefully kept its distance from Caldari Prime for reasons of its own.