Renyn Relief Employees Arrested, Charged With Espionage

New Eden News | YC111-03-31

Renyn - The Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security arrested members of Remyn Relief today, following the searches conducted at the charity's offices last week. The arrested employees were charged with espionage for the Caldari State. Fifteen employees of the charity fund were arrested in relation to these charges.

"This is a very harsh blow to us," said Kolin Lagarde, spokesperson for Renyn Relief. "We will provide full cooperation and support to the authorities investigating this matter."

A source within the SDII, wishing to remain anonymous, asserted that the charges are related to the fund's recent initiatives on the outskirts of the Federation. "It is already clear that the arrested persons were using their status as a cover to spy on Gallente military forces in the Placid and Black Rise regions, severely compromising the operations of our Navy in the area and putting thousands of lives in danger. We intend to remove any conspirators completely."

Gaido Noreitta, the founder and honorary chairman of Renyn Relief, was unavailable for comment. The charity fund's representatives claim that Mr. Noreitta remains in Federation space and is assisting the SDII with their enquiries.