Rapid terraforming project calls on capsuleers for help

New Eden News | YC107-06-04

Walkai Terraforming Industries, whose slogan "Building Better Worlds" is prominent in hundreds of their offices across EVE, announced today that they are in the final stages of planning to terraform the planet Iivinen IV, a planet in the Gallente / Caldari border zone. The statement made by the CEO of Walkai Terraforming Industries, Kentanen Koimota, was particularly interesting because of its presence in the border zones. Most previous projects have been in much more secure space.

Mr Koimota carried on to announce that due to radical terraforming technology breakthroughs, the process of transforming the planet from an inhospitable wasteland into a spatial body teeming with the building blocks of life can be done in mere months, as opposed to the years previous terraforming projects have taken.

Kentanen Koimota went on to finally announce that they would be seeking capsuleer assistance during several stages of this new process, an unprecedented move in this formerly highly secretive business. What the pilots will be required to do however, is the subject of much speculation.