Quafe to launch Quafe Ultra - Promotion campaign sparks debate

New Eden News | YC106-03-22

The Quafe Company today announced that they will be launching a brand new soft drink, Quafe Ultra, later this week. The drink, which will be the first new product to be marketed by the Quafe Company in over twenty years, promises consumers “the refreshing flavor you’ve come to know and love – with a twist!” Preliminary ad campaigns have been launched in nearly every region in colonized space, with commercial rotation on the networks expected to reach record levels within a short time. “They’ve outdone themselves this time,” said senior analyst Brill Stone. “We’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger campaign than this anywhere.”

The drink itself, a promuform-and-guarana concoction closely related to the “power potions” so popular among Caldari students and businessmen, is portrayed by advertisements as nothing short of a wonder tonic capable of turning the plodding, thankless grind of everyday life into a passionate, energetic adventure. One such ad depicts a group of Amarrian theology students outside St. Junip’s Cathedral in Dam-Torsad, one of Amarr Prime’s oldest and most definitive landmarks. The youngsters’ study meet turns into a wild party after one of the girls pops a can of Quafe Ultra, resulting in the cathedral’s single massive spire being portrayed in rather an unwholesome allegorical light.

Already several parties within the Amarr Empire have voiced their lack of amusement at the commercial, among them the Ardishapur Family, the Theology Council and the Royal Amarr Institute. Bedaliba Izon, spokesman for the Ardishapurs, was quoted earlier today as saying that the ad “typifies the kind of flippant, devil-may-care attitude that can undermine even the strongest of civilizations.”

Quafe officials were unavailable for comment.