Quafe continues commercial onslaught – Caldari markets targeted

New Eden News | YC106-03-24

Only two days after sending Amarr traditionalist factions into a blind rage with their highly controversial advertisements for the newly announced Quafe Ultra soft drink, the Quafe Company has today begun broadcast of a new commercial, this one targeted at Caldari markets.

The advertisement depicts the crowded interior of a corporation’s boardroom, the marble-and-chrome design closely resembling that pioneered by the Sukuuvestaa Corporation and now copied in almost every one of the larger boardrooms across the Caldari State. A Caldari man, portrayed by a Gallente actor made up to look like a Civire, stands at one end of the conference table pontificating loudly about facts and figures. An obviously bored Gallenteen businessman attending the meeting pops a can of Quafe Ultra and ends up tap-dancing on the table, eventually turning the whole of the board meeting into a raucous party.

The commercial’s content has prompted little official backlash from the traditionally diplomatically reserved Caldari State, but since its initial airing at 10:00 EVT this morning, the SCC’s Department of Commercial Regulation has, according to an inside source, been the recipient of a tremendous amount of pressure from several Caldari corporations. The source has said that a large number of official claims are being filed to the effect that the Quafe Company is in direct violation of several SCC-imposed regulations regarding the frequency and presence of advertising material, particularly in Caldari-controlled space.

One corporation has been particularly vocal in this regard: representatives of Drink Starsi, a steadily growing Caldari soft drink company which has come to be known as Quafe’s largest competitor in the Caldari State and some parts of the Amarr Empire, have publicly called for the complete removal of all Quafe advertising in Caldari-controlled space, citing DED regulations that have allowed Quafe a virtual monopoly on jumpgate billboard advertising space as evidence of under-handed business practices on the part of the soft drink giant.

The Quafe Company has not issued a response to the allegations yet, but SCC spokesmen have assured reporters that every claim will be investigated thoroughly in close cooperation with DED officials.

Quafe Ultra is expected to hit the shelves in the next few days.