Provists, Tribunal Raid Ishukone Offices In Oimmo

New Eden News | YC111-02-17

Oimmo - Acting on a suit filed by the Caldari Providence Directorate, Provist troops and the Caldari Business Tribunal raided an Ishukone factory in Oimmo today, seizing corporate accounting data and shipping logs. The move drew protest from Ishukone corporate officials, and other megacorporations have expressed "uneasiness" with these actions.

The Directorate's suit, filed yesterday, alleges that Ishukone officials in Oimmo siphoned funds from the corporation and funneled them to a variety of financial institutions in Gallente space. According to the suit, these actions are "efforts to support the enemy during a time of war." Immediate action was taken due to the seriousness of the allegations, eliminating any chances of destroyed evidence by the guilty parties. Ishukone claims it was informed only minutes before the raid.

Ishukone filed an immediate appeal and a request to delay any further action. According to the appeal, the matter was "purely internal." Ishukone officials assert that "the Tribunal should have informed Ishukone Watch instead of taking the matter into its own hands." The appeal also included a number of witness statements alleging that Provist observers with the Tribunal investigators attempted to access restricted files unrelated to the allegations and threatened to open fire on "uncooperative" Ishukone personnel. The Directorate denied these allegations, claiming that Ishukone is attempting to stonewall the investigation. The Directorate is demanding that the megacorporation hand over suspects in the case to Directorate custody.