Provist Military Reforms Passed By CEP With Ishukone, CBD Support

New Eden News | YC111-07-07

New Caldari - **** The contentious Military Reforms Act first proposed by the Caldari Providence Directorate in April was passed by the Chief Executive Panel today. Despite strong objections by Hyasyoda, Nugoeihuvi and Sukuuvestaa, Ishukone and CBD sided with the patriot bloc's corporations in passing the measure, which will go into effect at the end of the month. Among the provisions of the act are unification of equipment specifications and clarification of overall chains of command, both of which will be brought in line with Navy standards.

"Corporate autonomy, while important, cannot trump the good of the State and the safety of its citizens," said Sishanuta Murae, a member of the Ishukone delegation. "Giving the Navy control over logistics and communications will go a long way toward preventing needless disruptions to interstellar commerce, not to mention civilian deaths like those in Uphallant and elsewhere." CBD did not give any reason for its change of heart, but Panel insiders say the corporation was concerned for the security of its trade shipments in the border zone and wanted to distance itself from Nugoeihuvi.

"This is a dangerous step in restricting corporate security's ability to guard vital assets and privileged corporate information," Sukuuvestaa delegate Iidastoh Vapalmaa told the media after the vote. "Shared lines of communication are much harder to secure and the new arrangement endangers both property and employees. If it is necessary to submit to these rules when operating in these territories, our corporation will certainly be scaling back its previous plans to invest there."