Protests Continue in Wake of Heth's Quarantine Announcement

New Eden News | YC110-05-25

The recent turnover of Kaalakiota Corporation to Tibus Heth’s control, and his subsequent announcement of the “quarantine” of Gallente expatriates in Caldari space has sparked another wave of protests.

Verin Tarn-Hakatain has called for a week long protest at Kaalakiota corporate headquarters in the Nonni star system. Although the protesters numbered less than ten at the time Interstellar Correspondents arrived in Nonni, they were nonetheless very vocal about their feelings.

In addition to local communication channel broadcasts, the protesters also anchored signs near the Kaalakiota station including one that stated: “’Guilty until proven innocent’ is not Caldari justice!” and another that appeared to read “’We can be united in purpose... but we will never, ever be united in hate.’ -Otro Gariushi”

Tarn-Hakatain stated: “While Tibus Heth's policies are, in my opinion, all for the good of the State, I'm worried that he is in danger of damaging some of our most valued principles - our honour, our ethics and our moral balance”.

Talaris EveningStar added: “I hope personally speaking that this protest can give Mr Heth an ounce of judgment and restraint. While it may be too late to avoid all out war with the Gallente, I implore Mr. Heth to, at the very least, allow those Gallente expatriates to be transported to Federation space, if he is not willing to release them. These people, despite their Gallente origins are our people. They live our way of life. It truly saddens me deeply that we would treat our people in this way. Is this after all any better than those who mistreated the employees of Caldari Constructions that Mr. Heth battled against?”

At least one pilot in Nonni had a differing point of view. Joesph Frost responded to the protesters: “The attack on the Caldari Station is tragic and deserves retribution...all Gallente should be purged out of Caldari controlled systems... they are a threat to the State’s security. What I don't understand is why the Gallente Fleet is conducting "Exercise Manuevers" so soon after crashing a Capital Ship into a Caldari Station.”

All parties agreed that an official response from the Federation is long overdue. Tarn-Hakatain believes that the Caldari government should: “demand compensation from the Federation… ISK to support the grieving families, materials to help rebuild the Ishukone headquarters, a formal apology - which they are yet to give - and an outright condemnation of Noir's actions”. Ghost hunter also felt that: “a cooperative investigation from the Federation into Noir's actions would help ease the tensions between them and the State - I find it ... disturbing they have not been forthcoming.”

As for the future, Anja Lind stated: “Tibus Heth makes me fear for the safety of the universe.”. Talaris EveningStar shared a similar sentiment, “Dark times lie ahead. What you witness here today is one of the few last stands against the coming storm. And in the end, even if we fail, at least we can say we did what we could.”